How do we do THAT?

I subscribe to a number of different church websites and networks newsletters, all of which are attempting to live obediently to Jesus in a variety of contexts. It helps me to appreciate the Church in more expressions than the ones I've been a part of. This week I came across a church in Fife, WA called Dope Church through a video (included below). I'd ask that you give it a watch. [vimeo 116162716 w=640 h=360]

Did you catch what they had to say about why they do what they do?

"The I-5 corridor is a superhighway for drug and sex trafficking, and that's why we are trying to set up camp right in the middle of it because we believe that Jesus' Kingdom needs to shine most brightly here in this dark place."

When I think and dream about what the restoration of all things would look like, I think and dream of examples like Dope Church. In this brief video, we have the privilege of observing that Jesus changes peoples' lives and He restores them for His Kingdom purposes. This is exactly the type of thing for which we labor.

This, and videos like it, have me asking, "How do we do THAT?"

I know and believe that God wants to do a great work in and through the students we serve, and His Kingdom come on our college campuses as it is in Heaven.

And while that certainly will look differently on each campus we have staff, I believe that the common thread will be King Jesus breaking through as only He can.

So this week I'll be doing some more concentrated prayer for our students. Would you join me in praying? Each day, I'll be focusing on one thing. You can pray very briefly or throughout the day, but the important thing is that we pray for Jesus to be magnified.  Here's how you can be a part of it: 

1.     Click this link which will sign you up for daily email prompt Monday through Saturday next week.
2.      Check your email each day.
3.      Pray!
One last thing: if you are planning to pray with us next week, then I would ask that you also invite another person to pray with you. Forward them this email. Shoot them a text or a phone call. Send them a Facebook message. I don't care how you do it, but take that extra step to invite someone. I've included a few buttons at the bottom to make it easier to share.I'm looking forward to seeing what God does, and thank you in advance for praying with us!


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