Downloadable Resources

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Concentric Rings of the Gospel & Gospel Fluency Worksheet

This is a worksheet I’ve developed to help people start with the “first things” of the Gospel and move outward to its implications. This continual process is the process of becoming Gospel Fluent.

Strategic Mapping for Sharing the Gospel

Use this worksheet to strategically think through and pray for the people in your life that God has placed around you. This will help you come up with a plan for who to share the Gospel with.


9 Tips for Sharing Your Faith in the Age of Outrage

"I'm suggesting that for Christians to share our faith well, we must reclaim that art which is being lost. We must revitalize our compassion for those who don’t know Jesus yet. The church has sometimes been really good at alienating the people Christ came to rescue."

23 Questions Your New Comers are Asking

"I also can assume that at one time or another, your church or ministry has struggled with welcoming and assimilating new people. I can assume that because I have yet to experience a church that has figured out the perfect process for welcoming and assimilating new people."

5 Questions for Discernment PDF

Here are 5 questions you can use to discern how God is working around you and how He may be calling you to join in that work.

HowTo: Hear Journals

"This is a short, non-exhaustive guide to using HEAR Journals to meditate on and learn scripture."

HowTo: Weekly Planning Sheet

"Here's a template I use to help plan what I want to accomplish each week."

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