Leadership Together 2018 - Resources

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Explanation for the 2x2

Summary: This lens describes relational movement between Christians and others. How do we relate to other people?

Two Axes: Gathering (Christians seek to cultivate intimacy and trust with others, and help others cultivate intimacy with God) and Sending (Christians help others participate in God’s mission and Kingdom work through ministry and vocation). As we Gather people towards us (just as Jesus did) we introduce them to their truest identity as sons and daughters of the Most High. As they become more adept at seeing the world through the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven, we Send them out to continue and multiply the work of Christ.

The Ideal: Overflow describes the ebb and flow of drawing into into relationship and sending them out to continue to the same things in which they’ve experienced. As they know more and more of Jesus and the Father through the Spirit, they organically enter into his mission through obedience to all Jesus commanded. All of this is fueled and compelled by the work of the Holy Spirit.

Two Errors: Coziness seeks to maintain only the intimate relationships within the “inner circle” of the ministry; reducing ministry community to a social club. Cozy people and communities are more concerned with not disrupting what makes them comfortable, often out of fear or pride. Burnout occurs by engaging the mission without any support, reducing ministry to a humanitarian work. We can all attempt to place our identity in what we achieve or do, but ultimately that expires us. We cannot earn God’s love by being obedient; we are loved, and obey out of joy through the power of the Spirit.

The Absence: Neutral people and communities see little to no change in those we seek to serve or ourselves. People here operate mostly out of a sense of obligation. There’s little movement, and little to distinguish this person from anyone else.

The Individual Missional Lens seeks to navigate similar rhythms to Jesus as He gathers the 12, invests in them deeply, and then sends them out to continue His work. Rhythmically, there is a constant swelling and sending, just as the waves of the ocean fill a shoreline cave and depart.

As you consider these categories for yourself, I encourage you to be honest about where you find yourself. Where would you put the dot on this diagram for your life?

How do you draw near to Jesus? How does the Lord comfort you? How does He challenge you? Who is celebrating life alongside you?

Who are the people you currently serve? Are they primarily Christians? What’s your heart posture towards not-yet-Christians? Do you have significant relationships with those not actively following Jesus?

Discussion Questions

  1. What new information did you learn from this breakout session?

  2. What information was challenging for you? Why was it challenging for you?

  3. Where would you place your day-to-day rhythms on the above 2x2? Why?

  4. What do you think the Holy Spirit is trying to teach you through this discussion?

  5. What is way you can respond to what God is trying to teach you right now? How will you do that? Who will help you?